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Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage Therapy From Valley Chiropractic in Tracy, Mountain House, and Manteca

Pregnancy takes a huge toll on your body, placing extra strain and stress on your muscles, spine, and joints. It’s no wonder so many women have chronic and acute pain and other symptoms as a result of their expanding belly and fluctuating hormones. At Valley Chiropractic, moms-to-be can relieve their pregnancy symptoms with prenatal massage therapy designed to relieve nerve impingements, relax tight muscles, and even help prevent morning sickness. Our massage therapists are skilled in tailoring your treatment specifically for your needs so you feel more comfortable throughout your pregnancy and even during delivery too.

prenatal massage therapy from valley chiropractic in tracy

Seeing a Massage Therapist During Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, your growing belly is a sign your baby is growing too - and that’s great! But that extra weight can also put excess strain on your joints and pull your spine out of alignment, resulting in significant pain not only in your back but in your arms, legs, hips and even your neck. Many women find their painful symptoms interfere with normal activities, including getting a good night’s rest.

In a prenatal massage, your massage therapist uses special techniques to gently relieve stress and strain, relaxing muscle knots that can restrict your normal range of motion and cause chronic headaches and radiate pain in your arms and legs as well.

In addition to relaxing tight and sore muscles, prenatal massage also works to promote circulation and improve lymphatic drainage, which in turn can help reduce swelling and even relieve symptoms of morning sickness. Plus, like other types of massage, prenatal massage helps you relax, reducing stressful feelings for more stable moods and better sleeping habits that benefit both you and your baby. And finally, by keeping your muscles relaxed and “loose,” your delivery experience can be much more comfortable too.

Prenatal Massage and Chiropractic Care

Prenatal massage is a great complement to other chiropractic care options too. At Tracy Chiropractic, our team will work with you to optimize your nutrition and your lifestyle to help you and your baby can stay healthy and comfortable throughout pregnancy and delivery. Many expectant moms with lower back pain (including sciatica) find massage accompanied by spinal adjustments provides much-needed relief for their symptoms by relieving nerve compression that occurs when the growing belly pulls the spine out of its normal alignment. Plus, we use special supports and cushioned bolsters throughout your treatment so you can relax and stay comfortable.

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As a top provider of prenatal massage therapy in Tracy, Mountain House and Manteca, the team at Valley Chiropractic Center is skilled in prenatal massage techniques, using a patient-centered, holistic approach that’s focused on your symptoms and your needs. If you’re pregnant and you’re experiencing issues like back or neck pain, pain or tingling in your arms or legs, nausea, fatigue or other symptoms, we can help. Call us at (209) 832-9221 and schedule a consultation today to learn more.