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3 Convenient Locations

Tracy, Mountain House & Manteca

When you choose Valley Chiropractic for pain relief services, you can choose from three conveniently located offices in Tracy, Mountain House and Manteca. All three offices offer general chiropractic care, but that’s not all. Consider the different services you can enjoy beyond chiropractic adjustments at our three Valley Chiropractic offices.

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Seeing a Chiropractor in Tracy

Our primary office in Tracy is proud to offer chiropractic care, massage therapy, physiotherapy, corrective exercises, lifestyle advice, nutritional counseling, and posture and spinal screenings. Our specific specialties include:

  • Massage therapy: Often times, massage is thought of as a luxury reserved for special occasions and rare getaways. However, therapeutic massage therapy is important for people with poor circulation, high stress levels and lingering injuries. Plus, different types of massage in Tracy are used for different circumstances. For example, Swedish massage improves blood flow, removes muscle toxins and improves flexibility for a good all-around massage. Specialty massages for athletes, arthritis patients and pregnant women are also available.

  • Spinal decompression: This form of physiotherapy involves stretching the spine with a traction table to relieve back and/or leg pain caused by bulging, herniated or degenerating discs. Our Tracy chiropractor can perform this treatment as a great alternative to back surgery.

Seeing a Chiropractor in Mountain House or Manteca

Our Mountain House and Manteca locations offer many of the same chiropractic services as our Tracy office. However, consider seeing our Mountain House chiropractor or Manteca chiropractor for these advanced offerings:

  • Water beds: If a hydro massage interests you, know that Valley Chiropractic offers this treatment to help relieve back pain. The sensation of having a hydro massage is similar to sitting in a jetted tub, but you don’t get wet. In just a few minutes on a specially designed water bed, the aches and pains in your back ease significantly.

  • Roller beds: Relax on a roller bed and receive gentle spinal mobilization, perfect for preparing your back for a chiropractic adjustment. The roller moves up and down your back, gently raising it in key places to relieve spinal tension.

  • Laser light therapy: Cold laser therapy or Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) treats damaged tissues with specific light wavelengths. From arthritis to auto accident injuries, laser light therapy has a wide range of applications. The non-invasive technique is a great pain relief and injury recovery option.

  • Electrical stimulation: A form of physiotherapy, interferential electrical muscle stimulation is a form of electrotherapy that can help treat pain generating deep under the skin. This is a great non-invasive option for healing from deeply ingrained injuries.

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Our chiropractors in Tracy, Mountain House and Manteca have decades of combined experience to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for complete chiropractic care or simply want a high-quality massage, Valley Chiropractic can deliver.

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