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Auto Accident Injury

Car Accident Injury Care From Your Chiropractor in Tracy. Mountain House, and Manteca

An auto accident can leave you with all kinds of physical problems long after the car has been repaired. Whiplash, back pain, extremity pain and other complaints can keep you off the road, away from work and unable to enjoy your everyday tasks. Our chiropractors in Tracy, Mountain House and Manteca -- Dr. Coykendall, Dr. Russell or Dr. Garrido -- can prescribe chiropractic care, massage therapy and other non-surgical techniques to help you feel better and get back to your mobile lifestyle.

woman after auto accident injury before seeing a tracy, manteca or mountain house chiropractor

Whiplash, Seat Belt Injuries and Other Car Accident Injury Issues

It's easy to ignore the sheer mass of the vehicle you're occupying until all that mass suddenly comes to a stop -- and your body doesn't. Even going from a low speed to zero can transfer a lot of momentum, as you may have noticed from those loose objects that go flying. Most of your body may be restrained by a seat belt, but your head is still free to be whipped back and forth violently. This is whiplash, and it typically causes muscle/ligament injuries, cervical spinal misalignment and pinched nerves from herniated cervical discs. Symptoms may include neck stiffness, headaches, dizzy spells, cognitive problems and pain in the neck, face, arms, shoulders and hands.

Even the parts of your body restrained by the seat belt can sustain injury. If one shoulder is restrained and other isn't, your trunk may twist forcefully enough to damage soft tissue and vertebral joints. Twisting or jolting of the lower back can herniate discs near the sciatic nerve, pinching this nerve to cause leg pain and other lower extremity symptoms.

Naturally Non-Invasive Car Accident Injury Treatment Options

It's important to consider that the body doesn't always register car accident injury symptoms immediately -- the rush of adrenaline may delay those symptoms, which in turn delays your search for treatment. The wise move is to get an evaluation at our clinic to make sure you don't have lurking injuries that are growing worse by the minute. If an evaluation reveals an injury, we can provide naturally non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical treatment options such as:

  • Chiropractic care - Chiropractor care can return misaligned joints to their correct position to relieve pain and restore joint motion. We also provide extremity chiropractic care to correct such problems in arm, leg, hand and foot joints.

  • Spinal decompression - This technique can treat herniated discs and relieve upper or lower extremity symptoms caused by pinched nerves.

  • Massage - Massage soothes muscle spasms and boosts blood flow to injured tissues.

  • Physiotherapy - We offer a variety of physiotherapy techniques to relieve pain and speed tissue recovery.

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