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Headaches and Migraines Treatment

Headache and Migraine Pain Relief at Valley Chiropractic

Headaches and migraines can wreck your productivity, force you to skip your favorite activities and generally make you miserable, especially if you suffer from constant attacks of debilitating pain and other symptoms. But taking large numbers of potentially unsafe medications just to achieve a temporary respite from the pain isn't the answer. Here at Valley Chiropractic, we can provide safe, lasting headache and migraine pain relief by dealing with the health issues that lie behind your symptoms.

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The Mechanisms behind Headaches and Migraines

You could endure painful headaches and sickening migraines your whole life without ever really knowing why you're being plagued by the problems. Let's take a look at the causes and symptoms of the two primary headache issues, tension headaches and migraine headaches.

Tension Headaches - Tension headaches are usually caused by tight, stiff muscles in the neck that have gone into spasm, tugging on pain-sensitive cranial membranes in the process. Emotional stress can certainly contribute to this problem, as can an injury such as whiplash that damages the neck musculature and cervical spine. In many cases of chronic or recurring headache pain, an undiagnosed imbalance between the skull and the neck keeps the muscles in an ongoing state of tension.

Migraines - Migraines are more complex in origin than tension headaches. It is believed that neurotransmitter imbalances cause the trigeminal nerve to misfire, producing swelling in the cranial blood vessels. This chain of events may be triggered by emotional stress, specific foods, changes in sleep patterns, weather, lights, sounds or hormonal shifts. You may receive a "warning" in the form of visual disturbances called auras, followed by intense pain, nausea, faintness, blurred vision and hypersensitivity to sensory stimuli.

Natural Pain Relief for Tracy, Mountain House and Manteca Residents

Whether you're burdened by headaches or completely disabled by migraines, you'll find the natural, non-pharmaceutical pain relief you're looking for right here at Valley Chiropractic, serving Tracy, Mountain House and Manteca. Chiropractic care can normalize your cervical alignment to take the pressure off your neck and shoulder muscles so they can relax. It's also extremely useful for reducing both the intensity and the frequency of migraine attacks. We may recommend massage therapy alongside chiropractic care for either condition. Massage can loosen tense muscles, stopping the muscle spasms that trigger tension headaches while also dispelling the emotional stress that can set off a migraine.

If a soft tissue injury is behind your headache pain, we can also prescribe physiotherapy. Laser light therapy, interferential electrical muscle stimulation and other physiotherapy techniques can facilitate soft tissue healing and reduce your vulnerability to headaches and migraines during your recuperation.

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