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What is the Cracking or Popping Noise During an Adjustment?

What is the Cracking or Popping Noise During an Adjustment?​

A spinal adjustment is one of the most common and advanced chiropractic techniques utilized by our chiropractors in Tracy, Mountain House and Manteca. It's a gentle and non-invasive way to realign the spine and maximize the efficiency and function of the nervous system--which is directly affected by the health and alignment of your spine.

Spinal adjustments are effective and safe, but there are some misconceptions about this natural approach to pain relief. For example, many of our patients ask us about the popping or cracking sounds sometimes observed. We'd like to take a moment to clear up any confusion about this phenomenon. 

cracking or popping noise during an adjustment from your chiropractor in tracy

What Is That Cracking or Popping Sound Often Heard During An Adjustment? 

Known clinically as cavitation, that cracking or popping sound sometimes heard during a spinal adjustment is a normal response of a joint moving through a certain range of motion. Changing pressure within the joint cavity releases gas and tension, which may result in an audible sound. For most people, this actually feels quite good. 

Does There Have To Be An Audible Noise Made For An Adjustment To Work? 

Joint cavitation is not dangerous or bad for your joints. Equally, there does not have to be any audible noise in order for an adjustment to work. Indeed, different types of chiropractic techniques use varying amounts of force and speed, some of which will simply not produce any sound at all. This is completely okay. The "goal" of an adjustment isn't to produce an audible noise, but rather to address any restricted areas of movement or misalignment within the spine and correct these through the use of targeted and directed force from the chiropractor.

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