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Backpack Safety and Proper Posture

Our Chiropractors In Tracy, Mountain House And Manteca Talk About Proper Posture For Kids

Has everyone enjoyed their summer in the sun? As the season comes to a close, families are gathering supplies to send the kids off to another great year of school. Our pediatric chiropractic care emphasizes posture as a cornerstone to a successful time in school. Your children's proper posture and backpack safety are on top of our Tracy area chiropractor's list. 

proper posture for kids from your chiropractors in mountain house, tracy, and manteca

Valley Chiropractic's Tips For Great Posture And Backpack Safety

1. The fit test. If it doesn't fit, your child is adding undue stress to their spine every single day. Measure your child's torso and choose a backpack that matches their length- most backpacks will be labeled. The top of the backpack should align with the shoulders while the bottom should not cover the buttocks or hand down to the legs. The navel is considered your waistline and where the weight belt should line up. Be sure your child is wearing both straps, not hanging the bag from only one shoulder. 

Think you have it all set? Ask your child to turn sideways. If they tip or lean forward, readjust the straps until your child is standing up with correct posture. 

2. Is it too heavy? Teach your children to place their larger, heavier books and folders to the rear of their backpack and only carry what is necessary. 

3. Overall materials. Choose a backpack that is lightweight, has a middle weight belt and has cushioned straps for shoulder support. 

At the end of the first week of school, check in with your children to see if their backpacks fit correctly or if they are experiencing any neck or low back pain. 

Call Valley Chiropractic Center Today!

Ready for the school year ahead? We look forward to getting your children school-ready with postural screenings, chiropractic care, adjustments, and any additional backpack safety tips we can share. Please call Valley Chiropractic Center today at 209-832-9221 in Tracy, (209) 836-3597 in Mountain House and (209) 825-5610 in Manteca to schedule pediatric chiropractic appointments for your children now. We look forward to meeting with you!