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Maintaining A Healthy Diet Throughout the Year

Healthy Diet Tips From Our Chiropractors in Tracy, Mountain House and Manteca

Our chiropractors in Tracy, Mountain House and Manteca agree that the importance of maintaining a healthy diet through summer and fall is an essential part of good health and physical wellness. Along with regular chiropractic care and exercise, nutrition is just as important to optimizing whole person wellness. When we consume foods that are nutritionally void, full of pesticides and chemicals, the body is left wanting wholesome, nutrient-dense foods for fuel. Our chiropractors are sharing tips to help boost your nutrition know-how today. 

healthy diet tips from our chiroprators in tracy, manteca, and mountain house

Our Chiropractors Tips For Everyday Nutrition 

1. Choose organic and pesticide-free locally grown whole foods whenever possible

Whole foods are nutrient-dense and have not been processed. Foods grown close to home are fresher and contain a higher nutrient profile than foods that have had to travel far to reach you. From farm to table ensures that your food ends up in your kitchen only a short time after it has left the farm or garden. Shop at farmers markets whenever possible- this is also a great way to keep your kids active and involved in the community.  

2. Are you eating enough and are your meals balanced for your lifestyle? 

Many people are concerned they are eating too much, but have you considered whether or not you are eating enough? Sometimes we find ourselves hungry because we may not be eating enough at one meal and too much at another. As a general rule, consume the majority of your calories earlier in the day and choose smaller meals and portions as they day goes on. Consider your lifestyle needs as well- if you are an athlete or exercise enthusiast, be sure you are obtaining enough to maintain your level of activity. 

3. Choose water-bearing over salty, fatty foods for you and the kids

Summer and fall are active seasons. Offer your kids water-packed foods such as fruits and vegetables over salty, fatty snacks that may leave them tired and dehydrated. 

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